Stone Gossard releases his sophomore solo album, Moonlander today in digital, CD and limited edition vinyl formats as well as limited signed and hand numbered art prints via Monkeywrench Records.


1. I Need Something Different
2. Moonlander
3. Both Live
4. Your Flames
5. Battle Cry
6. King of the Junkies
7. Remain
8. I Don’t Want To Go To Bed
9. Bombs Away
10. Witch Doctor
11. Beyond Measure

“Songs from the album were recorded between 2003-2011,” explains Gossard.  “Over the last year, I went through all of my old demos and recordings that weren’t used as Pearl Jam or Brad songs and picked my favorites. With the help of Floyd Reitsma (Studio Litho engineer), Pete Droge (Executive Producer), and Hans Teuber (multi-instrumentalist and long time Hank Khoir collaborator) I went about trying to finish them. This included lots of re-singing tracks, fleshing out and re-editing, adding new instruments…”

Moonlander consists of 11 original songs written and performed by Gossard as well as 11 accompanying pieces of artwork.

“My daughter loves to paint and draw and when she would, I would as well,” says Gossard. “I hope the pieces convey a sense of freedom from formal rules and of playfulness that comes from hanging with your lovely 5-year old.”

Moonlander features appearances from Gossard’s fellow musicians including Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden), Matt Chamberlain, Regan Hagar (Brad, Malfunkshun, Satchel), Pete Droge, Brandon Harper, Gregg Keplinger, Keith Lowe, Barbara Ireland (The Fags) and Hans Teuber.

You can order now from PearlJam.comiTunes and your local store.


Check out Stone’s Moonlander page at for further information.

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